Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interview Malfunction

As if life wasn't stressful enough these days... Last week, I almost forgot to grab a snack on my way to school for the day. Focusing on the fact that I didn't want to forget my interview shoes, I missed grabbing my house keys and didn't realize it until I was over halfway to school.

Earlier this week, I packed up my laptop, books, lunch and thought I had grabbed everything I needed, including my keys. I got to school to discover that I forgot my power cord for my laptop. While this would not be a problem for most, my laptop doesn't recognize that it has a battery, nonetheless stay on for more than a couple minutes.

It seems we all have our interview malfunctions and are creative in how to respond to them. I asked my roommate to bring my keys to school and borrowed a power cord from the technical support desk. Today, may take the cake on resourcefulness though. As a classmate walked down the hall, she broke her heel completely off, nearly 10 minutes prior to her interview. She yelled down the hall to Carrie, who works in the Career Development Center (CDC) and asked if she could borrow her shoes for 30 minutes. Carrie obliged and the temporary malfunction was avoided for the day.

I can only imagine what others have faced given the level of interviews, classes, and cases these days.

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Anand said...

Hang in there, keep focussed and good luck! things tend to work out in the end :)