Saturday, October 03, 2009

On the Horizon: Finals

Finals are around the corner and I'm not even close to ready. Ironically, I keep telling the first years that finals are one of the easiest times of year, at least that's how I felt. In contrast, this year if I'm not completing finals, I will be applying for jobs, researching jobs, prepping for interviews and then finishing that other list of things to do. (Grocery store, laundry, take my car in etc.)

I'm not sure where the first quarter went. I realized the other day that I managed to take a course in essentially 5 different subject areas, likely not something one does at a non-General Management school. The balance of information is fantastic. I suppose this will at least make the array of subjects similar to first year. On the other hand, the actual exams are quite different. First year, exams were approximately 5 hours long and had to be completed between 8a and 3p. Now, I have a group project which will be presented on Tuesday, a 15 min "dinner" speech followed by a paper reviewing my leadership presence, an 8 min self-running PowerPoint (with voice over optional) highlighting a combination of what I learned in the class and what I learned from the hour interview I have yet to conduct, and finally, 2 exams. (Wow, that was a run-on sentence!). The exams will be available on Wednesday and must be turned in by 4:30p next Tuesday, which is also when the paper and PowerPoint are due. The other presentations will take place on Monday and Tuesday.

I try my best not to feel stressed out. I know I need a release though I seem to always avoid that as I try to focus on the tasks at hand. I haven't been to the gym since I sprained my ankle 3 weeks ago. The number of times I've gone out can likely be counted on half a hand. My late nights have included more cover letters than drunken conversations of how to fix the world. I wonder what happened to my sense of release and if I'm just going to blow one of these days. All I hope at this moment is to finish my exams promptly so I only have to worry about the career search for a couple days. Fingers crossed!


Metal said...

Hang in there! Most 2 yrs w/o a job offer are in the same boat. I skipped Austin City Limits to prepare for some interviews :(

Lauren said...

Hang in there!!! You can totally do it. Don't forget to find some kind of an outlet. Drinks with friends is good, but even a coffee/study date helps too.