Sunday, October 11, 2009


It never fails that, you've spent all day writing a paper, the computer crashes and you forgot to save it. You would think, after nearly 5 years in post-high school education, I'd remember this story.

Microsoft Word and Excel have become increasingly better at recovering documents, but to my disappointment, PowerPoint has not. One of my final presentations is an 8 minute self running PowerPoint file. I started it last night and decided to continue working on it today. Unfortunately, when I went to save the file, PowerPoint froze, crashed and didn't recover, leaving me without a deliverable for my two additional hours of hard work. As if the weekend wasn't stressful enough with take home finals starting on Thursday and being due on Monday. Not to mention, interviews start on Tuesday as I try my best to find some sense of a routine again. My grade for the idea of second year finals over a weekend: epic fail.

I'm not sure when break time is as I think Management Decision Models (MDM) is up next. MDM is known to be one of the hardest classes at Darden and from what I have heard, one of the smarter kids in the class simply said the final was impossible. Here's to hopefully finishing finals today (without another computer error)!

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"LSMBA" said...

Google documents. Amazing, amazing utility.