Monday, September 28, 2009

Invite Lists, oh my!

It sounds all too familar as the whispers crowd the halls. The interview invite lists from the first round of resume drops are flooding in and many of us are waiting patiently for the "invited to interview" email. Applying to jobs on grounds is very different than off-grounds. On-grounds, you can see when an interview list has been received and there is no preformated "ding" email, just silence. Off-grounds, there's the typical, yeah, you were interesting and better luck next time "ding" email. I suppose the real difference I find is on-grounds, you can speculate that you didn't make the cut, yet until you hear someone else say they did, you don't really know.

The timing of recruiting this year is very different from last year. The idea that I could have an offer in hand by December excites and scares me. Exciting as then I could safely continue my quest to study abroad without the lingering thought of recruiting from Sweden. Scary because the offer is the beginning of the end of an incredible experience.

The list of jointly selected cities is sitting on the backburner right now. I suppose that's also frightful. On some level, I want the best job for me and my future that I can receive. On another level, I'm willing to make some sacrifices in the future. Leading me to wonder at the end of the day, for the first two years post business school, what's most important? Though "everything" sounds like a fine answer, what I've learned in business school is trade-offs and they exist everywhere.


Braveheart said...

all da best!!!!!!!

i can imagine what a relief it would be to have an offer in hand and then study!!

Any particular industry that you are aiming for??

JulyDream said...

My goal is largely based around a formal program and large company, in all honesty. I'm recruiting for a combination of corporate finance, investment banking and leadership development programs. I was too focused last year and though it turned out well, the situation was not ideal, which is why there is diversity in my recruitment strategy.

I have experience in the financial services industry and a summer in the beverage industry, so learning something new is likely on the horizon.

Braveheart said...

How about going for BANK OF America?? It can offer you corp finance, I-banking and a good leadership dev prog!!

JulyDream said...

My boyfriend used to work at BofA. I interviewed for i-banking, but didn't convey my thoughts as well as I would have liked given it was my first interview. Regardless, I'm happy with where I'm going to end up! :)