Thursday, September 03, 2009

Second Year Myth

Last year, all the second years told me that SY is much easier than first year. After completing almost two weeks of school, I've deemed this comment a myth. My Sunday through Tuesday are much rougher than FY was. While I understand that I did it to myself, stacking four classes on Monday and one on Tuesday, it's still insane. I haven't even figured out how to fit the gym into Monday and Tuesday. Once Wednesday hits, I play catch up. I blog. I run blogger events as the president of Darden Student Bloggers. Further, I write cover letters and I've just completed revision 6 or so of my resume. And don't forgot, the usual errands like going to the grocery store.

Last night kicked off the first SY Networking night, where four companies had representatives to discuss open positions. This is the first of many SY Networking Nights that will take place every Wednesday. Wednesday nights starting next week, a group of girls are starting a workout routine. I suppose the good news is that I will be getting exercise. Darden's Bowling League starts next Tuesday and runs every week through November. I signed up as an alternate, but you know I'll show up more than I should.

Then there's soccer! The season hasn't started yet, however, I find myself scheduling pick up games and desperately trying to get a team together to go to the UCLA MBA World Cup on November 7th and 8th. Attending a MBA world cup is one adventure I wanted to have in business school and it was my one reservation about attending Darden, so I hope to make it happen!

Finally, I'm working on my Q3 study abroad. I sent a list of classes to SSE that I'd consider for my exchange. If the professors are a) teaching Q3 and b)say that I can take finals remotely from the US, then I can work on getting the classes approved for transfer to Darden. Lots of tasks to take care of these days and I've jumped back in head first! Welcome back to Darden, where "easy" is not a word we know well!


Metal said...

I am finding this semester to be the toughest so far!!

Vika said...

You clearly didn't talk to me about SY. :) You get used to it though and if you stack most of your classes in Q1-3, Q4 will be like vacation :)