Thursday, September 10, 2009

To TV or Not to TV?

My roommate and I have managed to survive a year, sans TV! When I moved from California I contemplated bringing my gorgeous 42" plasma that I gave to myself as a post-undergraduate graduation gift, but then quickly decided it was too large to fit in any sensible suitcase given that I shipped my car. So I, like my roommate, arrived TV-less. I found that during first year at Darden, I didn't miss the TV much as I could watch movies on my Mac if I had time. Atlanta was much of the same for me. No TV = more movies on the Mac. Since I've returned there have been talks of a purchase, but no fruit.

While I was in Atlanta, I got accustomed to watching TV as I warmed up at the gym. This was my 10 minutes to catch up on the latest happenings in sports or the news. Though North Grounds (the gym closest to Darden) has TVs, I've found that I can't read the subtitles from the treadmill. This is clearly not the gym's biggest worry, however, TVs are a great distraction as you try to round the 2 mi marker. Hence, the need for BIGGER TVs. In contrast, TVs were put in half the learning team rooms at Darden. Maybe they have a few lying around that can be sent to North Grounds?

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Cathy said...

I made it through Darden without a TV, but did sometimes surf at team members' homes.

After Darden, I went 4 years no TV, then developed a bad TV habit.

With the digital changeover, I'm TV-free again. I have migrated to watching DVDs and Hey Mary Tyler Moore in reruns, and Dancing with the Stars (with Tom DeLay) are available at your fingertips (and I can take as long to watch them as I like, i.e. if I fall asleep, there's always replay.)
Laura, Darden '93