Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Different Perspective

In the last few weeks, I have not been able to find a sense of balance. Early week is jammed with classes and during late week I try to complete everything I put off for early week classes. After class today, I finally went to the gym and there I saw an old section-mate whom I don't see often these days. We had a casual conversation of classes and then he asked me about recruiting. The first comment referenced if I would target banking again. The second asked when recruiting started. In that instant, I realized that we are living very different lives. He, with his offer in hand (and almost signed), is enjoying SY for all its worth. I, having interned at a company that does not use its corporate finance internship program as a pipeline to full-time (fancy way to say, no offers), am back in recruiting mode trying to meet and greet with the best of them. Perhaps the myth of SY is not a myth at all. It may be that SY is easy, if you have an offer and plan to take it.

Our conversation continued to discussions about India for a classmate's wedding this winter. Further, we talked about study abroad as he plans to attend ISB when I'm at SSE. I find the different mentalities interesting. Due to the fact that SSE starts later than Darden, I've already begun the legwork to see if study abroad is feasible from a logistics standpoint. On the contrary, ISB's quarter completes in mid-February which means there's no overlap. Thus, for him the only worry is whether or not classes transfer.

This conversation reminds me of the very different lives people can lead at Darden and I'm sure there are many other perspectives.

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