Friday, September 18, 2009

USPS v. Email

- Instant & Efficient
- Allows for immediate replies
- Less expensive
- Chances of getting lost: slim to none
- Often isn't forgotten once written

- Slow
- Handwritten is a nice touch
- Most mail = bills
- Incur an incremental cost per item sent
- Need to locate a mailbox

The list of amazing things the internet has allowed is long. Communication is something the internet has allowed to rapidly evolve with instant communication facilitating more productivity than was likely imagined. Indeed, many believe the postal business is a dying breed. These days, you can do almost everything you want on the internet. Of course, given that I come from a family with a long history in the envelope business, I hope for more uncertainty than many will give me.

Ever since college, my mom has sent me at least one letter a week and even though I talk to her on a regular basis, that letter makes me smile. Today, I received a letter with a $15 iTunes giftcard. I cannot think of anything else that would have made my Friday better after going to sleep at 5a upon finishing a number of cover letter/resume submissions. While I understand that email is fantastic and the capability surrounding it still amazes me today, there is nothing better than a handwritten note laying alongside the handful of bills that typically sit in my mailbox. Before you say the postal service is a dying breed, think about the smile you get when someone does take the time to write a note, purchase a stamp and locate a mailbox. Definitely a source of warm fuzzies for me!

Personally, I do think USPS should be privatized, but that's a whole new ballgame.


Julie said...

Letters ARE great. Personally, I have brought back the art of the postcard among my family and friends, so I do get the occasional fun mail along with all my bills.

Lauren said...

I completely agree that both have their purpose. And you need USPS to send and receive care packages which are the best ever!!!

David said...

Email has been a lifesaver for me because my handwriting is horrible! That being said, I do like to send handwritten thank you notes.