Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Itinerary

We arrived in Mumbai on the morning (12a) of the 13th. Three nights including the first were spent in Mumbai with locals and natives. We shopped for sarees for the wedding and visited a classmate's aunt, who is a true entrepreneur. We practiced a dance for the wedding that will get more laughs from our other friends attending than applause. All in all, a great start to a legendary trip.

The morning of the 15th we headed to Delhi and our journey looks as follows:

We stayed in each city one night unless otherwise noted.

Jaipur (two nights)
Sand Dunes (outside Jaisalmer)

It has been my boyfriend and two classmates since leaving Mumbai. We've managed to stay safe, do a lot and see a lot, though I can honestly say, we're all looking forward to staying in one place for a bit. And no offense to my vegetarian readers, but we long for some solid protein as we find most of Rajasthan is veg.

We're back to Mumbai on Christmas day, just in time to be decorated with henna. The rest of our trip will be spent attending the wedding and exploring Mumbai. It will be fun to get into the city after spending most our time in the suburbs at the beginning of the trip.

In other news, I'm taking an interview call tonight, 4p EST, which is 2:30a India time. Should be interesting.

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