Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Need a Reason to Party?

My mom loves to throw parties. I think it's more an excuse to bring people together and have a good laugh, but who am I to judge? Like most people, I love to attend parties. Recently, mom had a fantastic idea. My god-sister, who has accomplished more in her 17 years than many people do in a lifetime, is turning 18 on Friday. Her parents live outside of Portland and are headed to San Francisco to visit my parents. So, in good spirit, my mom thought she'd throw a party. Not just any party though. This is an 18th birthday party for her god-daughter, who by the way is not attending. She has requested that every attending guest (which means all of her friends, who themselves are likely over 50) bring a small gift that will be sent home with my god-sister's parents. Talk about crazy!! And as mom says, if nothing else, "it gives you something to talk about", and I couldn't agree more. I think this world needs a little more entertainment with slightly crazy ideas!

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Diep said...

hahaha definitely!!

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