Thursday, December 03, 2009


And that's a wrap! Today was the last day of Q2 class for Second Years. I'm five finals away from having one more semester left at Darden, half of which will be spent somewhere very foreign to me. I sat down with an SSE exchange student today to ask what may seem like silly questions. I wanted to know how students dressed for class. If they use computers as much as we do at Darden (as this determines whether I purchase a new battery). I asked how people dress to go out on the weekends and what time nightlife shuts down. I learned that she has a significant other at home, so I inquired as to if she used Skype or another service to keep in contact. Her advice was to purchase a webcam as it changes the dynamics of just talking to each other (and it's MUCH cheaper in the US). I also wanted to know if she purchased a cell phone while here. Overall, the conversation was informative and has me very excited for the experience to come.

Of course, between that experience and me is a trip to India, New Years in New York, five finals and a trip to Louisville, KY for a second, second round interview. Yesterday, I had a phone interview, that went quite well. By the end, I was being asked my availability to fly out for another round of in person interviews. Unfortunately, my travel schedule does not allow much flexibility, so I fly out on Monday night and return Tuesday afternoon. Though we have finals, I'm thankful and lucky they are all take home. The company was nice enough to show concern, except I told them that I would worry about finals and all they needed to worry about was travel arrangements. I thought that was fair.

"Darden Prom" is this Friday. Though you don't need a date, many people are under the misconception that "Darden Prom" mirrors high school prom. While I'm sure all the girls will spend just as much on dresses and hair, I think Darden prom is one of the best events of the year. It's a time to relax and enjoy some holiday cheer with friends before everyone parts for winter break. Further, the event raises money for BGiA through a live auction. Just like any other charity event, the more they drink, the loser they are with their pocket books.

So much is going on these days, that I should be focused on finals. Instead, I'm writing this blog post and contemplating one of my few TNDC attendances this year.

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paragon2pieces said...

wow! sounds like it will be a busy month for you. congrats on almost finishing another term :)