Tuesday, June 08, 2010


One part of the MBA experience that I never anticipated is the amount of confidence I gained over the last two years. Prior to my MBA, I never would have doubted my confidence. However, it is amazing what furthering your education and testing your limits can do.

Darden is all about the case method. It's about learning, participating, asking questions and providing answers. It is active learning at its finest - engaging and challenging.

Although I had a short turnaround from graduation to full-time employment, I still managed to miss what was the first day of work for the rest of my team. I had to make up that day yesterday. I attended an event that recently changed its name from "Spirit of Success". It was all about learning who the company is, what they do and where they're going. The facilitators took us through the training in a method very similar to case-based learning. Needless to say, I felt right at home, consistently making comments to the diverse group of 80 new hires. During the second to last activity, a woman from a different table came up and asked me in which department I would be working. She proceeded to say that she was very impressed by my comments and level of participation. I couldn't help but smile and thank Darden.

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