Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New City Blues

One aspect of business school, much like undergrad, that I took for granted is having a number of great friends within a 5 mile radius. There's always someone around if you need company for shopping. You can always convince someone to visit your favorite restaurant. There's someone else to push you to workout. And plenty more people for the hundreds of other activities you may imagine.

New cities are exciting and yet at times I miss the familiar feeling of the tried and true. I have yet to locate my favorite restaurant. My friends include my coworkers and roommate, and they are all moving by the end of August. My days consist of work and time in my apartment.

While I do enjoy relaxing, I miss having friends next door, knowing the names of nearby bars and having a preferred grocery store. I suppose right now I'm just having the new city blues. Hopefully that'll change this weekend as it is essentially my first full weekend in town since moving. Here's to new friendly faces - I want to meet lots of them.

The workout routine has begun, so I plan to be in soccer shape soon.

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Ellipsing My Way...to Business School said...

It's simply temporary haha!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing like university and the familiarity of a place you lived and breathed for a couple of years. When my time at my business school london came to an end and I moved on for the sake of a job yes I felt a little down. However with new surroundings come new adventures, I love going out and not knowing where I'm going or who I'm going to meet...