Friday, September 07, 2007

Everyday is Learning

What I’ve found is I’m not perfect
I’m flawed in ways that I can’t quite explain
My advisors don’t always have the advice I need
And I spent too much time listening to them
Rather than myself

I cruised,
In everything I did
Be it work, play, friendship, relationship
I let it mold me
Instead of molding it
I don’t have regrets
Only natural mistakes

I’ve learned that I want to be better
Inside and out
I want to share time with those special in my life
I don’t need to know everyone
But those few close people dear to my heart
My effort should be with them
And for them

There’s a balance of selfish and selfless
It takes time and communication, to discover what is right
Sometimes you have to give everything
And sometimes nothing
It’s never even,
But it can’t be one sided

Love sneaks up on you
Whether you want to feel it or not
Be aware of it,
It’s an important and phenomenal feeling
It can also destroy every part of you
Tread softly

Dreams are what we make of them
Without the risk of failure,
A dream is nothing
But the risk,
Is what makes trying all the better
Taking a step out the door is vital,
But you must take more than one step to get to the road.

We change daily.
Your best friend today
May not be your best friend tomorrow
Cherish the moments you share today
Plan for tomorrow as if they’ll always be there,
But if they’re not,
Be strong enough to carry on

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