Monday, September 10, 2007

Investigation: Grad School

Sometimes I wish I had a bit more time to investigate grad school, but seeing I don't, I have tried to move on to the actual investigation. My weeks have been filled with information sessions from various schools. Some of which I'd consider applying and others that I want nothing to do with. Either way, it's a process; one that is hardly done.

I want to apply to 5 schools. I picked that number to give me some breadth in the type of schools I apply as well as giving myself some options. It's a lot of work as a candidate to write 3-6 essays per school. It's a lot of work as a recommender to answer school specific questions about the candidate. It's not that I'd like my bosses to forget that I'm applying to graduate school, but I do not want it at the forefront of their minds.

Thus far, I'm excited to say I'm applying to Northwestern, Harvard and Georgetown. I also am highly considering Michigan. I am looking at UVA and Wharton. London Business School also interests me as well as Texas. It's going to be hard to narrow down the options because there's so many of them. I definitely want to find the right fit and the right program for me.

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