Thursday, September 27, 2007

Simply Off

Do you ever have those days where you want a friendly voice and a big hug? They aren’t bad days, but by no means are they good. It’s a day you’d rather not have in your repertoire, but because it’s over, you move on. Yesterday, was that day for me. Not only did I run late all day, I just couldn’t grasp myself or articulate my thoughts. Both huge problems when you have the first of your business school interviews, Georgetown. I felt under prepared, but perhaps I couldn’t have prepared any better. I honestly can't decipher how it went, but seeing that's the exact feeling I had about the GMAT, I'm thinking positive.

I’m a bag of mixed emotions right now and stressed seems to be at the top. I’m excited for this weekend and seeing a bunch of old friends, but I realize I need more time for everything that is on my plate and specifically, more time for my essays. Some days I feel like I’m a competitive candidate and my story makes sense. Those days are offset by the ones where I wonder what the heck I’m doing. How can you radiate confidence if you’re not sure you’re confident? I need to take a step back and reflect.

I picked up a book yesterday called "Now, Discover Your Strengths". It was recommended by one of the panelists for the Forte Foundation. She said it helped her figure out who she is and how to articulate it. I'm hoping it will do the same for me. I also browsed a book titled, "You Don't Need to Have a Title to be a Leader". I took some notes and opted not to buy it, but hopefully those notes will help me convey my message. I am your classic behind the scenes leader. I am not a manager and I'm not in the management position, but I have developed leadership skills and I'm often at the forefront of an initiative. I easily adapt to where I'm needed, although I prefer to be in a realm that feeds off my current skill set. I'm hoping this book will help me focus the conversation I'm having with adcom reps and put forward my best foot with my essay. I guess only time will tell.

In the meantime, I continue to cultivate ideas and add to what I've already written. I have also started anew quite a few times because I didn't like the direction of the story. I was struggling with not repeating myself in my interview and I'm hoping to dig up more examples from my last 3 years at Ensemble.

"There's only so much you can do, but if someone doesn't give you the chance, there is nothing you can do." - Charlize Theron

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HairTwirler said...

I've enjoyed your blog so far! I hope your Georgetown interview went/ goes well. Best of luck on your applications and thanks for linking to my blog. I hope its helpful!