Monday, September 10, 2007

You Have No Upcoming Events

A miraculous thing happened today or perhaps it's not miraculous and just a sign of life mellowing out. I logged on to evite today and was met by "You have no upcoming events". As a member of both Spinsters of San Francisco and the soccer community, my social calendar is never empty. If it's not a game or a meeting, it's a party or a fundraiser, but this week, it's empty, at least as far as evite is concerned.

My week is not as empty as it may seem, but after the events of the past few months, I'm looking forward to having a couple day breather. I still have practice on Wednesday, a Spinsters event on Thursday and a game on Sunday. All fun things, but without MBA information sessions as I've had the last few weeks, I may actually get a moment to start my grad school essays. Here's hoping.

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