Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm a Wee Bit Late

Just wanted to say THANKS to ClearAdmit and the gang for nominating me for Best of Blogging 2008! I had seen the images on some current student posts, but never thought I'd be in for the running! THANKS! :)

Also, if you haven't used ClearAdmit's blog or Wiki, you're missing out as both have incredibly valuable information.


fishee said...

hi julydream,

thanks so much for your words of wisdom on my GMAT post. i completely understand what you are saying and I agree that it shouldn't be all about the GMAT. i'm not crazy over mastering the GMAT or anything, it's just a personal goal of mine to reach a certain number. i had a below average GPA in undergrad that I need to make up for in some way and the GMAT is one way to do it.

And plus, I do have a little bit of time before the apps come out, so why not give it one more shot to see what i can get? =)

Iday said...

julydream, just thought i would extend my good wishes on the BoB nomination and a great year of blogging. Hope you are enjoying the build up to your Bschool days. Cheers.

Metal said...

Congrats Paige!...BoB is a well deserved award for you.

Mandy said...

congrats again on the darden adventure! i'm stoked for you.
see you on the flip side. i'll be a sage (ha!) second year and will pretend to know what is going on. it's all a facade. we survive somehow and are the better for it. welcome to the carnival and let the good times commence!