Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wavering Plans

And the details start to get in my way...

Original quit date: April 30th, which is an entire 27 days away. It seems that is now pushed to May 9th, with a possibility of May 16th. Though I'm told I'll get paid through the latter week either way, so I suppose it's another paycheck.

Original Europe vacation trip length: 6 weeks. As the dollar fluctuates and people return from Europe, the only thing I hear is, WOW, it's expensive! Granted I know THIS time will never come again, but due to various factors, I'm debating cutting my trip short - maybe 3 weeks of which 2 weeks will be a cruise to Italy, Turkey and Greece. Now do I travel before the cruise or stay the week after and more importantly, WHERE do I want to go. I was set on Croatia, but getting there isn't simple, so I've thought about London/Dublin or Paris or Amsterdam (all places where I know people). Decisions.

Original move-in date: July 27th, but my roomie wants to move to C'ville in July, so our new move-in date is June 21st. I planned on moving after my bachlorette party in Vegas at the end of July, but now I'm contemplating driving across the country at the beginning on July, making a trip out of it and then flying back home to "visit" for a few weeks. I have access to an extra car, which is nice, so the logistics are simply, when do I want to move??

Indeed, many of these decisions don't need to be made today, but plane tickets need to be purchased and trips need to be planned. The longer I wait, the more expensive it becomes.


mbabound said...

I booked a flight from Dubrovnik to Athens for $273...not so bad. I've been tracking my expenses for my 6-week trip. Including flight, its gonna be $6-7k (Eastern Europe is a bit cheaper than Western Europe but Greece will still fleece us). Oh well. When will I ever do this again?

Bill Gray said...

Drop me a line if you come to London. My wife and I will be there all summer for my internship.

Anonymous said...

Hey JD - thx for your support & the wishes !
I'm still deciding the 'should I' question now... I know I'm so indecisive
All the best for ur Eurotrip:-)

PS-and hey, nice blog redesign!

Wingman said...

So no Costa Rica for you?

Man moving in, in June! I feel like I'm late to the party with my August 10 move in date.