Friday, April 11, 2008

SF Darden Happy Hour

Last night we had a SF Darden Happy Hour that was quite successful even though we definitely chose the wrong place for the happy hour given the Giants' game. However, we did find real estate in the back of District where we could all sit and talk, so I suppose it could have been worse on a Thursday. There are a handful of applicants in the Bay Area and we didn't give enough notice to all of them. An original email was sent and when I did the follow up email I checked the DardenPortal for ANYONE who lives in the Bay Area. Needless to say, we missed a couple who would have been interested in joining us. Maybe we'll have to plan another event.

I felt like the lone duck as a Bay Area native. Two people from the UK, two from India and me. Though one of the Indians did grow up in Ohio. It amazes me what sort of diversity there is in business school and specifically, at Darden. As I keep telling people, I'm collecting couches. All and all the future classmates are quite nice. I think SV was a bit scared in the beginning when it was just him and 3 girls. We briefly discussed jobs, but quickly moved on to the little things in life - cats, moving, relationships etc... A great time, but I'm not feeling under the weather. No bueno as this weekend is slammed with stuff to do. And I'm hoping to be crowned Master of the Funk! I find out Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paige,
did u win the funkout?
damn cool idea :D 20K is big!