Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Undercover Reader

It's amazing to me what reach this blogging community has. Just by being a part of Hella's list, a slew of "strangers" have read my blog. A handful of the active bloggers in the community will comment on my posts and give me their own thoughts and inspirations. Then there are the undercover readers. Those people who browse the articles, if you could call them that, leave anonymous comments or don't say anything at all. In this small world, I met one of those people yesterday.

As you know, I don't just write about my journey to an MBA because this blog was never started for that purpose. I often discuss random thoughts, fun activities, soccer, Spinsters and anything else under the sun that I feel the need express. Last night at a potential new member happy hour, I was introduced to a girl who was talking to one of our membership chairs. The membership chair said she's always curious how people find out about Spinsters and this girl noted an MBA blog, though she couldn't remember whose. From there we discussed Hella's list, which is where she found that blog and as I read every post on the list as well, I know I'm the only person who has mentioned and is a part of Spinsters. We concluded it was my blog! WOW! I always say that you never know who you are going to impact one way or another by your decisions and here I am just babbling random thoughts of my life and thus, someone found themselves amongst a group of fantastic women. Even with our words - we make an impact. Feels good.


Ms. May said...

Undercover reader commenting for the first time. LOL. It is pretty cool. That's happened to me a few times as well. Good luck with everything!

Christof Meyer said...

How do you do - miss "July"?! I just wanted to add throw my hat in the ring as someone who reads your site as well. Hopefully you're encouraged to keep up the good work! In any case, enjoy your time before Darden... It's a joy, but definitely changes your life in many, very large ways.


tinydancer said...

Isn't it wierd to meet a reader in person? Happened to me at a Wharton event. I was a little freaked out at first, but then I realized it is pretty cool.