Thursday, February 04, 2010

Locked Doors and Strange Floor Numbers

SSE is located in central Stockholm in a building most describe as old. The building is going through a renovation in order for the school to utilize the once outdoor courtyard year round. I'd definitely say the building isn't as technically wired as Darden. Most students take notes the old fashioned way - paper and pen. Finding an electric outlet near wireless internet is also a chore.

Some of the funniest things about the building don't include elaborate explanations. The building has multiple floors. You walk in on floor one and when you walk up the stairs, you arrive at floor three. Same exact thing happens if you proceed up the second flight, another floor with an odd number, five. There seems to be no good explanation for the system. If you go into the library, which starts at floor five, the levels ascend in traditional numerical order through ten, except that floor seven is missing. It is very odd.

Something else I've had to get used to is the fact that arriving early to class provides no benefit. What I mean is that all the classroom doors are locked until the professor shows up. If you arrive early, you simply wait in the hall, much like I'm doing right now.

In other news, the books I ordered off the Swedish website arrived today. I'm only 30 chapters behind in one of them. Odds are, that won't be completed in London this weekend. But I'll get there...maybe after Paris.
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