Monday, February 08, 2010

Purchasing of all things... Razor Blades

It's abundantly clear that I should have brought more razor blades with me. It seems that the bathroom setup and two of us showering at least once a day is leading my razor blade to rust. I contemplated having my boyfriend or parents bring new blades to Paris as I will see them there later this week. Quickly, I realized that just seems silly and I should see what they have here.

The grocery store had a number of razors hanging on the wall, but no packages of blades. I asked the woman at the counter if they carried blades and she pointed me in the direction of a touch-screen kiosk where you select what you want and receive a "receipt" that is then scanned with your remaining purchases. From there, there is another machine after the checkout counters where you scan this "receipt" and it drops your blades in a vending like fashion. Given that my Swedish is worse than my French, I couldn't read the machine instructions and did my best to understand what I was supposed to do. I finally got the "receipt" to scan, but couldn't figure out why the vending door below was still empty. After asking for some help, the clerk opened the vending door NEXT to the one where I scanned my "receipt" and handed me my purchase. It just seemed silly that the blades ended up in the machine next to me that had no scanner. Oh well, I was successful, albeit not without feeling a bit foolish.

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