Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's Not Always Easy Being Far Away

Today is just one of those days. I'm sleep deprived and realized today that the number of deliverables I have for my classes are going to be challenging with my travel schedule. I realize that sounds ridiculous as it was my choice to plan travel to London and Paris, but the expectation was that SSE is easier than Darden. Perhaps it would be if I were taking the traditional full load - two classes. Unfortunately, as previously discussed, I need three classes for credits at Darden.

I'm not quite homesick and I don't exactly feel as if I'm completely missing out on Darden. I'm not sure what I am. After my workout today, I walked out of the gym thinking, it is just time to go home. Maybe having four currencies in front of me yesterday got to me.

It is a constant challenge to figure out where I'm going and what I'm doing. I likely spent an hour just trying to figure out transportation to and from the airports in Stockholm, London and Paris. Then of course, I need to figure out what I'm going to do when I'm there!

I think classes overwhelmed me today as I was plotting calendar due dates. My Psychology of Financial Markets professor mentioned our midterm. It sounds like it will be short answer and multiple choice. The latter actually worries me. We've covered so much theory that I don't even know what to expect. And yes, Darden is spoiled, open book and notes. Isn't that how it is in the real world though?

Speaking of books, the books I purchased from a Swedish website last week still haven't shipped. I'm feeling farther behind in reading as the days pass. I thought about checking the order, however the entire website is in Swedish. I decided they'll ship when they're ready.

It is strange getting to know people all over again. While very exciting, it is also frustrating. I'm building friendship norms again when I feel like I haven't built strong enough relationships with everyone at Darden. And of course, being gone on the weekends doesn't help. It is a game in reading people and getting used to their idiosyncrasies. I got a tongue lashing for something to do with the US today. I didn't know what to say, so I simply claimed uninformed. It is also interesting to hear Swedish students talk about their thoughts/ opinions of American companies. Not negative per se, but very interesting.

I miss my significant other and actually hearing my phone ring. Sounds funny huh? Skype has been wonderful and inexpensive though I didn't bother to pay extra for an incoming number. After much deliberation, I decided to forego purchasing a mobile phone here. I can use my US phone when absolutely necessary.

I try to forget things are so expensive. Often reminding myself that I do need to eat and "it is what it is."

I'm not putting down my experience here. I just thought I'd share thoughts on one of those days. Hoping to wake revived and in better spirits. Night.
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Elizabeth Dark said...

Ugh. I remember those days when I studied abroad in undergrad and when we lived in Australia for 6 months a couple years ago...you're right that it isn't QUITE homesick, but it just feels like something isn't quite right. It's tough! However, and I know I won't be the only one who will say this to you, you will miss this place when you leave. I regret the last months I spent in both Ireland and Sydney and wish I had not spent it wanting to be home. Try to remember you'll be back (permanently!) soon, and everyone will be there and happy to see you. Missing a significant other is tough, though...it's hard not to wish that time apart away. Hope you feel better this morning, and if it helps, I am VERY jealous of your upcoming trips! I would give a lot to be in Europe right now....!

Anand said...

Hope it gives you a sense of how international students fill in US and within Darden