Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stuffed Silly

As is only appropriate for the last night in Rome, I ventured down the street from my hotel and stopped at one of the few restaurants that was not only open, but also very busy. The food was amazing and I'll admit that dessert was almost too good. I sit here hoping to digest sooner rather than later, fully knowing I should have taken a stroll or three around the block in the chilly weather. The gym tomorrow will be much needed!

Unlike my classmates who have been my travel companions on this trip, I've previously been to Rome. They visited the Colosseum and Roman Forum today, while I, either in a stroke of brilliance or stupidity, posted in a cafe catching up on reading. I mentioned in a previous post that books were harder to come by in Stockholm, meaning I'm a solid 4 days behind on the bulk of my class reading. Next weekend I'm visiting a friend in London and the weekend after I'm meeting my boyfriend and family in Paris. Needless to say, I likely will not be reading.

I'm not looking forward to the colder weather though I'm deeply excited about having my pillow back. Given that the group is on a true student budget, we opted for a 3 star hotel in a good location. Overall, we did pretty well except for the fact that the pillow sucks - which may be an understatement. My neck and shoulders feel vastly out of whack. I think review sites should add a pillow and bed review where a user can indicate their personal preference on a predefined scale and then indicate where on the scale the hotel fell and how much they liked it. Maybe that will be my next innovation for Ideation, a class in which I'm enrolled that requires me to submit a new innovation or invention every week.

I'm still full and presume that returning to my "Judgment and Decision Making" book would be a good idea. I'm vastly entertained by the fact that at the bottom of the book it reads, "BPS Textbooks in Psychology." I suppose the description is better as I do feel I'm in a psychology class, not a business class.

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