Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello Stockholm!

My classmates and I managed to find our way to pick up our keys to our "dorms" today. The place is quaint and though I'm having flashbacks of my college dorm room, I like the fact that the beds are separated by a curtain. After dropping my items and snooping around, I noticed there was no toilet paper, so I set out on a quest to find food and TP.

I walked towards 7-11, only to find that they did not have what I wanted. After taking a couple turns, I continued my journey until I finally came across a Best Western. I stopped, asked for a map and then asked where I could purchase TP and groceries. Turns out, if I had initially ventured right instead of left, I would have been half a block away from a market, two in fact!

My first market trip was an experience. The breads all smelled fresh baked and absolutely delicious. The fruit looked edible, though that wasn't top of my mind. I picked up a box of "Digestives", which are some sort of British cracker my friends and I discovered in India. Next, I went looking for milk. I wish I could say this was easy. I drink skim milk at home and was looking for something comparable. I ran into the age old problem of being in a new country, everything is in SWEDISH! It makes all the sense in the world, yet makes it quite difficult for a newbie. I took at least 10 minutes until I finally settled on a milk that I presume is 0.5% fat, as far as I know, the closest thing to non-fat that the store had. I grabbed Cheerios, which boldly display Nestle instead of General Mills, as well as TP and cleaning supplies. These items were dropped back at my place, then I went to get my wireless setup. That proved to be painless.

Since then, I've been avoiding unpacking. I used Skype for the first time today and have decided it's a brilliant idea. I paid $6 for a subscription that allows me to call anywhere in the states for the month. I gave my boyfriend the grand tour of my apartment a la webcam. However, there's still something about the webcam that just makes me feel dirty, though it provided much entertainment when my boyfriend couldn't figure out how to change his video feed to show himself instead of a talking cat, dog or other furry friend (using Microsoft communicator, not Skype). Once we switched to Skype, he accented the video with snow and disco lights. There's much to be explored tomorrow and the day kicks off with orientation!


HairTwirler said...

Enjoy skype! You can also buy a U.S. number for 3 months that people can call that routes to a local (Swedish) number via skype. Basically, for a small fee, Skype will hook up your mobiles. Or if you have an iPhone just use skpye for your calls. I'm somewhat of a skype expert after two years of long distance.
Beware of digestives. People eat them here as a treat with tea. The fat content is generally absurd.
Let me know if you ever come down south to London!

Anonymous said...

Digestives are delicious!!

JulyDream said...

Thanks J! I'm planning a trip to London as I've never been and one of my close friends from college moved to Kensington with her husband this past November. I'll definitely let you know when. :)

Washatawa said...
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