Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Living with a Roommate

While I'm sure the title of this post will throw some people, I didn't do that on purpose, promise! Back in Charlottesville my gorgeous British roommate is holding down the fort. Here in Stockholm, I have a new roommate, who arrived last week. These are two very different types of roommates however. "British" and I share a two bedroom, two and half bath townhouse, with basement. My new roommate and I share a room, likely smaller than my room at home, as well as a bathroom and kitchenette. I'll admit, the setup could be worse. I imagined a dorm room with 13 girls sharing one bathroom and needing "shower shoes" again. This is not the case.

However, though I have a little nook that is approximately the size of a twin bed squared and a curtain that is two see-through white layers thick, I still hear everything in the "other room". That means, when my roomie decides that she can't sleep and 4a is a perfectly apt time to get up, I hear the pots, pans, microwave, and papers shuffling etc. On one hand, yes, I'm complaining, but that's because it was 4a. Think about it, what sane person arises at 4a? (I'm sure there are plenty, I'm just not one of them.) On the other hand, it forced me out of bed at 5:30a (as I could no longer sleep), which means by my 10a class I had been to the gym, purchased groceries from the store, talked with two special people in my life and had breakfast, twice. Seems, it was a rather productive morning!

All things considered, the new roomie is fun to be around. Plus she's originally from China, so my hope is that I will someday have a personal tour guide in Shanghai. I also won the housing lottery by lucking out with housing one-half block away from SSE and in the middle of central Stockholm. Most people commute for 20-30 minutes to get to this area.

In other news, the Darden exchange crew (there are four of us) is headed to Roma this weekend!!

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Lauren said...

I totally know what you mean! Getting used to even having a flatmate has been very difficult. But, it's all good. Good luck!!