Saturday, January 02, 2010

Great Moments of 2009!

Over the last couple of years, I've compiled a best of list. For me, it's fun to look back on these lists and remember what I did and what impacted me.

So here it goes, my great moments for 2009 (no order):

1. Andrea's Wedding in SF
2. Valentine's Day Party with the Girls
3. Darden Outdoors Club's Snowshoe Ski Trip (Girls beat Guys in Flip Cup approx. 7 consecutive times)
4. Spring Break in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)
5. Darden Follies and Carnival
6. KY Derby and My AWESOME Hat
7. Blogger Dinner at Dean Bruner's House (he barbecued burgers...yummy!)
8. Soccer Tournament in Vegas (and making playoffs!)
9. Landing an Internship at a Fortune 100 Company
10. Memorial Day Weekend in Atlanta, Nat came to visit (my first ATL weekend)
11. Fourth of July at Surfside Beach (South Carolina)
12. Pre-birthday celebration at XS in Vegas
13. Birthday festivities in Washington DC with cousin and classmates (plus a DC United game)
14. Road Trip in California
15. Brandi's Wedding in Vegas
16. Receiving Second Round Interview Invites
17. Darden Oktoberfest
18. Dinner at an alums' and Reaching Out Target Party (ROMBA Conference in Atlanta)
19. Halloween in SF (Surprised a number of friends)
20. Impromptu Ladies Night...leading to Tequila shots
21. Darden Holiday Ball
22. India!!
23. Taj Mahal
24. Interview from India...4p EST, 2:30a India time
25. Riding a Camel in India
26. The births of Jenna, Jackson and Ari
27. Having the same NYE kiss 2 years in a row

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