Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Next Adventure

Every so often I start posts and never finish them. They typically end up as one or two lines as a draft to only be revisited and never finished. I'm cleaning out my draft box and I found this:

"Right now, I honestly wish the suitcase would just pack itself!! I seem to fill one suitcase, meander around for a while and then I start removing items from the suitcase. I'm still not convinced I'm packing the right items for a quarter in Sweden. I grabbed every thick sweater I own. I think I have 2 t-shirts that can double as bedtime shirts, but beyond that, all sleeves are at least 3/4 length and most have a turtleneck companion. There is a lot of excitement buried behind this angst of packing."

I find it a bit comical as I am six days away from my next packing. While last time it was to come to Sweden, this time, it is to head home. It's bittersweet as I think about loading up my suitcase next Monday. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't need to do laundry before then. A number of my exchange classmates are out of town this weekend and thus I'm not sure what to think about last weekend in Stockholm festivities. In addition, a number of first years and one second year from Darden are in Stockholm this week on a GBE. Ideally, I'd kick off tomorrow night with the Darden dinner followed by a night at Cafe Opera, which is a hot club that I've never actually attended. Since my leadership project group has already chosen that we must meet on Thursday, I'm not sure if clubbing on Wednesday will happen. It seems I have a lot to do and little time these days.

I guess at this point, the next adventure is Q4 at Darden with the working world looming shortly behind. I'm trying to balance my last quarter in Charlottesville with few trips - though with two planned already, I'm not sure I'm doing a good job. A group of Darden students are heading to the Duke MBA games and I'm traveling with my boyfriend to Chicago to look at places to live. It amazes me how fast time flies and I know it will feel even faster when I return to the US.

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