Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Travel Made Complicated

Every so often, snow on the opposite side of the world ruins your day. I suppose this is not a common occurrence for most, but by golly am I unhappy with the snow gods today. This weekend I'm set to go to Paris, where my parents, grandmother, and grandmother's friend have already arrived. My boyfriend was prepared to leave DC tonight. However after the 2 feet of snow received this past weekend and an anticipated 5-10 inches on its way, British Airways decided to cancel tonight's flight, this morning. BUMMER!

For personal reasons, he was already headed home on Friday, so we were down to a measly 26 hours (or so) together in Paris. Theoretically, 6 of those we're set aside for sleeping. Needless to say, the cancellation of the flight has led his entire trip to be cancelled. While I'm excited to see my family, I was also looking forward to seeing him as this was our one trip planned during my quarter abroad.

This cancellation also had me spend at least 4 hours on the phone today with various travel providers - Orbtiz, British Airways and the people with whom we had our hotel reservation. At least Facebook provided mindless entertainment as I listened to hold music. And another shout-out to SKYPE! Less than six dollars allows me to call any landline or mobile in the US - that came in handy today! Plus, adding credit to my account made phone calls to France quite simple and cheap.

I suppose I should start my homework now... need to come up with a business idea for ideation. Maybe a personal assistant to coordinate cancelled travel.

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