Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Darden 10-K

Once upon a time, every year, Darden would produce its annual 10-K. This is not an annual report giving facts and figures about the school's finances and performance, but an annual yearbook for each class to remember the great moments of their time at Darden. Though I'm not exactly sure when, Darden stopped producing the 10-K until two of my classmates chose to resurrect it this year. Sounds fun huh?

The only difficulty is the yearbook photo. In order for all the pictures to be licensed to my classmates and generally similar in quality and size, they set up two full days of picture taking, starting today. My time slot was 9a-9:50a this morning. I must admit, deciding what to wear was a little nerve wrecking. Unlike social networking sites, this photo can't be updated or changed and likely, will be how people remember you for class reunions. Needless to say, after enough quality "girl" time, I decided that I didn't care anymore and a shirt/sweater combo was the outfit of choice.

What amused me even more was the operational procedures written out for volunteers helping with the registration and photo taking. They included what to do if different bottlenecks occurred - be it the registration desk or the cameras. I made a comment about the impressive nature of the procedures, to which the response was that they, based on an idea from another classmate, had used queuing theory to craft the instructions. Only an MBA!

Here was the setup:
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DreamChaser said...

i have always thought that having a bad picture, and have the "wow" moment when people see the real you is better than having a super good picture :D