Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Long Day

I walked into the house and thought thank goodness it is empty. Now I'd like to point out that there is NOTHING wrong with my roommate. I've just been going nonstop since 6a when I continued my studying for today's leadership-decision making exam. Sometimes it is nice to return to the silence of home and simply put your feet up.

I also received a letter from mom today. All I could think of is she's as scatter brained as I am. Maybe that's where I get my unending random thoughts. And as always, it is good to get mail.

One of the two projects that is due next Wednesday is practically complete. The other is started though we need to complete some data analysis before writing our section about results. I suppose I could start the section regarding how we collected data. My third group project that is due next week will hopefully have a big dent tomorrow. It seems all my classes are converging on the same due dates and it doesn't help that I'm leaving this weekend. The good news about Lappland is that I can't imagine a reason for spending prolonged periods of time outside, by choice.

Time for dinner and ideally the gym, though I'd almost prefer a nap. Two weeks until I return to the US - a very exciting and scary thought. The last quarter is almost here.
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