Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Graduation Prep

Yesterday, Darden's Class of 2010 had a mandatory graduation meeting. I use the term mandatory loosely as there was no attendance taken and it was clear part of the class was missing. Items covered included beach week, the annual pig roast, ceremonies at UVA and Darden, and picking faculty marshals and a student speaker. As I sat there and looked around the room, I recognized a lot of familiar faces. Then it hit me, in approximately six weeks, I'm done with school. Tag on another three and I'll not only be a graduate, but also working again. Where did the two years go?

My classmates and I banter about staying longer, fully knowing it'd be next to impossible not to graduate at this point. One of my classmates is headed to the law school next year, for the next three. While excited for him, we wonder how much debt he actually wants to accumulate. I've received a couple notes from people who have either accepted or declined their offers to be admitted to the Class of 2012. I still remember that day jumping around like you wouldn't believe. Then of course, there's all the planning that follows to move.

At times, I'm excited for the next step. I'm still surprised that I'm not returning to the Bay Area. Yet, every time I meet someone new who is from SF, has lived in Colorado or spent a good deal of their life in Atlanta, it reminds me why taking advantage of living in a variety of places is great. It allows you to instantly connect with so many people.

On a separate note, I'm taking the Thomas Jefferson reading seminar. I figured I should know more about our Founding Fathers and this incredible President before I leave his homeland. It also has me thinking that maybe it is time to explore more of the US. With less time off in the near future, this may prove to be a grand idea.

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