Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Record deal?

There's a reason I don't sing karaoke. Let's say, the reason is as good for the public as it is for my self-esteem. Though today, I not only sang karaoke, but three of my classmates and I sang our own (or slightly changed) lyrics to instrumental versions of Kesha's Tik Tok and TI's Whatever You Like. As the four of us leaned over one mike, which actually had a screen, I felt confident that I could be drowned out. Then CD said this would sound better if each of us recorded the song solo. This allows our digital music master to change the vocal levels based on who nailed it and who didn't. Definitely a nightmare come true!

Regardless, the final version of both songs are fantastic. This is another item to add to the list of "things I never expected to do in business school." It also means that Darden will be a force with which to be reckoned at Duke's MBA games. CD ended up with a cameo appearance in Tik Tok - Darden style as none of us hit the chorus perfectly (and he sounds better than we do). All it took to complete this masterpiece was a little bribery - via beer! Most students' weak spot.

I will admit, CD's studio is incredible. Guitars, drums, keyboards and all the equipment needed to record a song. Very cool!! And a BIG THANK YOU to our artist and master. I'm not looking for a record deal this week...though the team is thinking music video + follies would be fantastic!

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