Monday, March 03, 2008


The weekend was another busy one and my legs still feel like jello. Of course after 3 soccer games, 4 hours of dancing and some flag football, apparently, they have good reason to be tired and sore. ;) Saturday night I went to Ruby Skye in downtown SF. The venue is Las Vegas-like and many known DJs frequent it. I love electronic music, though some sub-genres of the music better than others - my favorite being house/vocal house. I had seen Kaskade twice before, however, Saturday night was the best I have seen him yet. Not to mention, he also spun his own songs, something some DJs often overlook. I mean, that's half the reason you know who they are and you want to see them live, right? The music was incredible, the venue was packed and though I didn't intend on staying until after 3 am, I just couldn't help but dance the night away, sober mind you. I brought a pair of flip flops to change into once my feet started to hurt, which proved to be quite useful. Though I have noticed that I dance differently in heels versus flats, this thought was vindicated when a guy asked if I danced in a crew. If I hadn't just seen Step Up 2, I likely would have looked at him blankly and had to ask what that was. Simply an awesome night!


Anonymous said...

nice change to ur blog layout :-)

gltnforpnshmnt said...

how long after your interview did kellogg ding you?

congrats on darden!