Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pre-Enrollment Modules

The DardenPortal is ever changing with constant new messages from various staff members, updates to admitted student events, friend requests and of course, information you need to know before matriculation. I was excited to see that the Pre-Enrollment Modules were posted yesterday. The last thing I want is to scramble to finish them in Europe or when I return from the big adventure. Luckily, I shouldn't have to worry. There is downloadable text, which I skipped initially. Then there are three tests you must complete and pass (80% is passing) by August 18th. Each test may be taken as many times as you want, no time limit, open book/open notes. I thought I'd try my luck on the accounting exam as I was indeed an accounting/finance major. Only difficulty, this is MANAGERIAL accounting, not financial. The questions talk more in theory and perception than hard data. Needless to say, I'm happy to report, with a few google searches and some previous knowledge, I passed. Granted, I will likely still read the material provided just to make sure I'm on the same page as everyone else. Today I will tackle Business Math and Statistics as well as Fundamentals and Economics.

On another note, this summer's plans are slowly developing. I booked a Mediterranean cruise yesterday for the middle of my trip to Europe. 12 nights, 7 cities and I won't have to move my stuff! WOO HOO! :D Italy, Greece and Turkey, here I come. My date will be my brother, though I'm still worried about that. He can have a temper and gets crabby when he hasn't slept enough. Maybe I can find a female to entertain him. :)


Bill Gray said...

I'd almost forgotten about those pesky pre-enrollment modules. Getting them done early is probably a wise choice. Although, there will certainly be students cramming to finish the day before class starts. If I remember correctly, some of the modules take significantly longer to complete then others.

earlybird said...

way to go. pimp out your bro! i wish you were MY big sis :-P

Anand said...

Good job getting started with pre-mat modules. I would definetly advice reviewing them once again before school starts. Enjoy your Euro trip. I am headed to europe too, Barcelona actually! Few Dardenites will be in Europe next week In barcelona, prague and tentatively some other places!