Monday, March 10, 2008

My Forearms STILL Hurt

Another weekend has come and gone. I continue to plan my traveling, which will start in May with some US based trips. I still haven't purchased my ticket for Europe, though it's on my long list of things to do. The Pre-Matriculation modules are on hold as I have not been home for long spells in the last 4 days. How did I get so busy??

Friday night, a group of us attended Ladies' night at Mission Cliffs, a rock climbing place in San Francisco. This was probably my first official time wall climbing - I've climbed before, but the person on belay was a professional. Six of us took an hour class to learn how to tie knots and work the belay. As soon as the class was over, we had free reign. My partner and I started climbing a 5.6 then a 5.7. I attempted the 5.9 - four times, but by then, my arms were exhausted and I had little grip left. I'm not exactly sure what the weightings mean, though they started down at 5.1 and increase to 5.12 (or maybe higher). Once you hit 5.10, they are also lettered A-D. I suppose it designates another degree of difficulty. All in all, a blast, but it seems even my weight training didn't have me prepared to lift my own body weight all night. Definitely still hurting when I grip - even when I open the car door.

I met another potential Darden student on Saturday morning for coffee/cocoa. I gave us an hour as I had to go Bridesmaid dress shopping afterwards. Honestly, I didn't think I'd need that much time, but I was wrong and thus late to my appointment. He is an international applicant who was visiting his brother in the South Bay. Originally from Israel, he was very fun and talkative. Round of applause for the adcom! ;) He's not a 100 percent sure Darden student... yet! I always forget about that, not everyone has decided and some have great options like B-School Bound (How's that going, btw?). I don't like to cut down other programs, so I do my best to play fair and entice people on the fence to join me at Darden. There again, if I didn't like them, I'd let them go on their merry way and probably talk up the other programs they could attend. I'm sneaky like that. ;) He ended up meeting my friend and I out later that night. Good times were had by all and I was impressed at his dancing ability.

Overall, another fabulously busy weekend! And a W for RipTide, my women's team, as well!

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globetrotter said...

You should have a good time at Darden. Very posh facilities. The place looks more like a country club and the tiny airport translates to short security lines.