Monday, March 17, 2008

Stop Looking

I promise, I'm going to stop looking, but it's so hard! The market is crazed with sellers as JP Morgan announced yesterday that they will purchase Bear Stearns for $2 dollars a share. TWO DOLLARS?!? Are you kidding me? Bear is one of the largest securities firms in the world and it's being sold as a micro cap stock. On its plunge from $26 a share, it's taken the market with it, hence, I NEED to stop looking at my portfolio. I feel like a pin cushion and the needles are coming from all directions. Perhaps, it's hard to avoid the market as I do work in the industry. My dad and I spoke at dinner last night about our thoughts on the economy and what it means for the world. It's difficult because we guess about 10% of the population truly understands what's happening and it seems those 10% still don't know what to do about it. On some level, I'm extremely happy that I applied to business school this year because next year, there will likely be more applicants and another very strong pool.


HappyBunny said...

eh... I really picked a competitive year to apply. Perfect foresight Paige! oh well, shall the best win. LoL

Wingman said...

Dude - next year is going to be insane! There are going to be 50 year old guys applying to school with what's going on in the financial industry. Speaking of my portfolio isn't looking so hot right now either.

Going to have to decline on July 19th - taking a red eye to be on the starting line for the Ironman July 20th probably wouldn't be the best idea :).