Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Logistical Nightmare

Where's the teleportation device that Star Trek has had for years? Unfortunately, I don't think mass production will be available by Friday, when I honestly wish I could be in 2 places at once. Yesterday, I received an invite for a Women's MBA Reception in New York on Friday, however, Darden is hosting multiple finance companies for the Darden Finance Conference. So it seems New York will have to wait until December 13th when Darden goes to Week on Wall Street. Speaking of traveling, break plans, which once seemed easy, have become a logistical nightmare.

In theory, winter break would consist of a mixture of interview prep and fun, but as break nears, I realize there may be more interview prep than anticipated. For starters, I am attending Week on Wall Street from December 13th-19th for networking with various banks. Then I fly from JFK to SFO (home), where I will stay through the 30th, at which point I fly to DEN to meet friends for NYE in Vail. This is where the logistics are fuzzy. I am supposed to return to SFO on January 4th for an additional 5 days. I did not anticipate needing to be in C'ville until interviews start, however, Training the Street (a 2 day course that I've been told is perfect prep for banking) is being held January 5th. Given my flights have been booked, the United rep with whom I speak is not going to like the fact that I need to check if it is more feasible to fly back to IAD from DEN versus heading to SFO for maybe a couple hours - all to return to C'ville by 8am on January 5th. Feasible both logistically and financially. It seems I must make some trade-offs, which I should be used to by now given Darden's constant double booking.

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