Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where am I versus Where are They

Everyone has different answers to why they are at Darden. My reason was that I wanted to change positions and though I loved my company and my co-workers, the flexibility just didn't exist. Given that I had such a great rapport with my co-workers, I touch base every once in a while, which ends with mixed emotions because although the company specializes in investment management, which is an interesting portion of the economy to be in at the moment, they are, in the grand scheme, doing quite well. Through my four years at Ensemble, I helped launch the platform for philanthropic investment management. An interesting and challenging task at first has become a pillar of Ensemble's business model. In addition, my boss has become a pinnacle of discussion in the world of philanthropy.

So here I am, the opposite side of the country, and I'm sure you wonder, what made me think of this. Our marketing case for tomorrow is Google. When reading cases that were essentially developed in the lifetime of current students, the discussions tend to be very interesting and I anticipate this one being no different. However, with this one, I can add more personal insight than I've had in the past. The case specifically references Google AdWords and AdSense. When Ensemble first marketed philanthropic investment management, we used Google AdWords. A price per click was set, a brief description written and then constant revisions made as to not overspend, but still retain the right level of saturation.

To see where these ads sit now, I spent a few moments googling words that remember having AdWord associations. A few keywords have changed and I found it interesting that other words are now associated with my boss' blog, Tactical Philanthropy, instead of the company Ensemble. I thought I'd check the blog and it seems a forum will be held tonight. It sounds like the company is doing quite well and moving forward in the right direction. Though I am happy where I am today, part of me does miss being the backbone of the organization. Three years of design and execution have definitely paid off for them. I know two years at Darden will pay off for me as well, but in the meantime, back to Google.

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