Friday, November 28, 2008

Cover Letter Mania

December 5th is the official drop date for on-campus recruiting companies. This means, that all my cover letters must be complete in 7 days. I'm still working on my first draft, which is unfortunate as this coming week is quite busy. In addition, for a handful of banks, I need to select the specific product or industry group I want to apply. This isn't an easy task due to my limited background in industries outside of finance. Further, to show true interest, you must reach out to those specific groups so that you can get a feeling of who the members are and the rapport among them.

The difficulty I'm facing with my cover letter is the "about me" section. What do I write about my previous employment that isn't directly written on my resume? What makes me special compared to the numerous other qualified candidates? How do I turn my spoken "pitch" into a quick 5 sentences? And though I am contemplating these questions, I'm also avoiding what I need to be doing, WRITING my cover letter.

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