Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On the Verge of Apathy

In my head, I know I must finish this quarter strong, but with 2 days of class left, it’s hard to focus. Six more cases, 5 finals and I’m off to NYC! I can’t say the week in NYC will be easy, but it will be without cases and that’s enough for me at this moment.

My cover letters are still in slow motion unfortunately. Hyper speed needs to kick in soon so that I can not only get the letters done by Friday, but also the online applications. We have a few banks on campus this week, however, our schedule is slow compared to the consultants – I don’t envy them right now!

Additionally, I welcome distractions at every turn and I know I will regret that come Thursday night when I need to focus on my cover letters. Unfortunately, I received one more distraction today, the new blackberry Storm! I finally gave into the Blackberry regime, at least mentally. We'll see what I think once I get the new "toy" up and running. For safety, I may leave the phone in the box until Friday when I have a break in my schedule. Things to complete/do this week: cases, classes, accounting review slides, final reviews, cover letters and to finish out the week, Darden "Prom". Oh yes, getting all dolled up on Friday night!!!


Jackie said...

1) Welcome to the BlackBerry world. Love 'em. Don't have the Storm...I'm a traditionalist at heart so not sure I can give in to the touch screen. Give me your thoughts once you're fully operational.

2) Darden Prom aka Jackie's Personal Birthday Party will be awesome! Looking forward to playing dress up. Are you going cocktail or gown?? :)

Good luck w/your cover letters--let's finish Q2 strong, girl!

JulyDream said...

Jackie - I <3 you! :D