Monday, December 08, 2008

4 More Finals and then a "Break"

About halfway through today I realized it's Monday. I suppose on some level I probably knew it subconsciously, but I was more focused on my GEM final than the day this morning. Five contiguous hours later and my final was done! WOO HOO, one down. I have another 4 finals to complete and feel less of a sense of urgency than I should. At this point, I just want it to be Friday at 3pm, the last possible moment finals are due. Next week is Week on Wall Street, which will be both fun and work, but the week after, I'm headed home for the first time since Labor Day. Needless to say, I'm excited.

One of my best friends had her birthday on December 1st and I was not around to celebrate, nor was I around to plan some giant night out, for which I'm known. Come Friday afternoon, there were still no plans for her birthday and she adamantly told me that she was not celebrating this year. Being the lover of birthdays that I am, I couldn't possibly let her get away with that, so with a few key strokes, I put a rally call out to my friends at home to drag her out of her house on one night over the weekend for a celebration. Since Friday is practically a blur after a 5 hour exam, I forgot to ask, but instead go a nice thank you for putting together the festivities. It seems even across the country, I can still put together one hell of a night. It makes me happy that I have the pull, however, I'm also saddened that I wasn't there to celebrate. Maybe in 2011.

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