Saturday, December 06, 2008

Darden "Prom"

What's better than boys dressed up in fancy suits/tuxes? Girls, decked out in formal gowns and cocktail dresses!! Last night was Darden "Prom" aka the BGIA Winter Formal. It was held in true prom style in the ballroom of a local hotel with heavy hors d'oeuvres and an open bar.

Before I moved from San Francisco, I attended many formal and cocktail events, however, since the move, I haven't had reason to breakout the gowns. This was perfect! The first person to see me (besides the roomie) gave me the exact reaction I had hoped for, "wow, you look really good."

I loved seeing all the girls dressed up and the night definitely had a prom-like feel as I ran around and said hi/took pictures with a number of my classmates. For those who chose not to go, you missed out, but the good news is, there's always next year!


HairTwirler said...

So... this post hit on an amusing finding of mine - I was stalking high school classmates on facebook (our 10 year is coming up) and it turns out my date to the winter formal during my senior year in high school is in your class at Darden. If you know Adrian Outlaw, tell him I said hi!

JulyDream said...

LMAO!! Oh my, I definitely know him. He's in my SECTION!!! SMALL WORLD.