Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

I anticipate being up very late tonight! I have a number of cover letters to complete by Friday, but more importantly, I have just as many online applications to complete. It has been said that the online applications take approximately 30-40 minutes each and I'm estimating, there are 10 applications. OUCH!

Back to my theory though... it is my assumption that the drop date for resumes does not vary much year over year. However, Thanksgiving is not on the same day every year. This year in particular, Thanksgiving fell very late, November 27th to be exact. Subsequently, when we returned from Thanksgiving break, we returned to a hell week. In each class, we are reviewing exam cases from previous years, consulting and banking companies are on campus and hosting dinners, resumes are due on Friday, preparation for interviews has begun and there simply aren't enough hours in a day. Given how late Thanksgiving fell this year, we essentially lost a week and the pressure is on to take those precious hours we missed and fit them into this week.

I'm sure I should feel more stressed than I do. It could be the mentality that I KNOW I will complete everything. It's just the way I work. Luckily, I've run on a reduced amount of sleep before. Actually, about this time last year, I slept 8 hours in 4 days to complete my Georgetown essays. Turns out, they came out quite well. Hopefully, the same happens this week!

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