Friday, December 19, 2008


Sometimes I wish I could change what I hear. I'm sitting in NYC, my last night, after an intense week of networking and hear that one of the banks released their invite list. It's a bank with whom I have felt an enormous amount of traction and I'm a bit confused right now. At this moment, I presume that I am not on that invite list given I have yet to receive an email. On one hand, it's ok. On another, it worries me about my prospects of actually getting an internship in banking this year. I'm as composed as I can be given the circumstances, though I am a bit rattled.

It will be good to be home tomorrow, assuming the weather holds and I have no delays. I'm looking forward to a little R&R after 3 very taxing weeks. Nothing like writing cover letters, which leads into exams, and then a week of crazy networking!! Part of me wants to celebrate the end tonight in NYC and the other part would be perfectly happy falling asleep on the couch until I need to head to the airport at 4 or 5 in the morning. I had so much more energy thirty minutes ago. Maybe I can rally after dinner.


m@ said...

You'll be all right, Paige. Closed listing is a really nerve-wracking experience, but I also see it as a bit of a blessing in disguise -- if one company doesn't list you, there's another one that would be dying to have you spend the summer there. Just keep your options open - it'll work out!

JulyDream said...

Thanks for the positive words!! I appreciate it! :D