Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Currently I'm without computer and thus blogging via BlackBerry. The week on
Wall Street gang is relaxing for a moment in the lounge of the W Hotel, waiting to meet with Morgan Stanley. This week has been a good way to get a feeling of the institutions. Some banks scream they're hiring and they want and love Darden. Others emulate a different perception than their words. Given the small keypad and public nature of these thouhts I will remain partial and not divulge thoughts on individual banks. It is sufficient to say many of my notions have been confirmed.

The days her have been long and busy. Though they're likely no longer than Darden. The constant networking and degree to which you need to be alert accumulates to end in exhaustion. On another note, we held a Darden reception last night. There were likely 80+ current students, at least that many alumni and a number of prospective students in attendance. With a group that diverse, the dynamics are a bit strange. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted out of the conversations. Personally, it felt good to put someone else in the hot-seat. All in all, NY has been a great trip including a little snow and some caroling. Time to network...

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Anand said...

I know what you mean by putting others in the hot seat. I and another Sy hosted a prospective student reception in Bangalore. It was good to be on the other side, appearing the 'be all know all'. Good luck with the rest of the Week on Wall st.