Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One of Those Moods

I'd consider myself a very optimistic person. I'm often cheery, and I constantly try to remind people about the lighter side of life. So what happens when I need that reminding? I wouldn't say that anything has gone "wrong" to transition my mood, however, I'm sure the 12 hour flu on Friday night and the fact that I was cooped up in the house all weekend didn't help. I've been trying to recover from the weaknesses I felt beginning Saturday morning, though, only recently have I started to feel human again. Soccer, the release that typically gives me life, seemed to do nothing but take from my limited energy supply over the weekend. The smart idea would have been to sleep and avoid games, yet, I am not about to advertise that I am that smart. ;)

In the past week, I've caught up with a number of friends in the outside world with whom I feel I've lost touch. And by catch up, I mean I've been able to speak with them, on the phone, and receive the 5 minute update of what they have been doing for the last month. Even then, I'm far behind on my callbacks and I've started to receive second and third messages asking if I've forgotten. The bubble traps me at times thereby leading me to "ignore" the world that is not Darden. Sometimes I love the bubble and other times, I can't wait to escape for a weekend.

At this moment, I have 150 pages of reading to complete by tomorrow for StratSim - more on that later simply because I can't explain it given I haven't done the reading. I just know it will consume most of Wednesday and 12 hours of my Thursday. My intention was to complete the reading over the weekend, however, that agenda was kindly messed up by a bug. I don't quite feel stressed, although I'm on the verge. It'll all get done and I'll survive another week of Black November, but this is one of those weeks when I want a big hug from someone close and a little positive encouragement to remind me there are brighter days on the horizon.

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Jackie said...

Hey Babygirl! Great post--appreciate the transparency. Just know that you are not alone in a lot of your sentiments (i.e. the "bubble", needing to connect w/outside world, needing a hug, etc.). I'm usually pretty good for an encouraging word so hit me up if/when you ever need it! Good luck on StratSim!