Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Great Moments of 2008

As I was preparing for interviews, I came across a post noting the best parts of 2007... so I thought it was only right to continue the tradition. 26 thoughts for my 26 years of experience.

1. Admitted to Darden
2. RipTide Women's Soccer Team placing first in Division I
3. Rock Climbing with the girls at Mission Cliffs
4. 10 hours in Vegas for Jackie's 24th
5. Beating my date at bowling with a score of 162 after he threw a game (3 turkeys!)
6. Giants' Opening Day
7. Crowned Master of the Funk
8. Last Day of Work at Ensemble
9. Soccer Tourney in Vegas (nothing beats Ian at the soccer field in his clubbing clothes)
10. Running the Bolder Boulder w/ Brandi in CO
11. St. Thomas for Jenn's wedding
12. Boat Trip from St. Thomas to Jost Van Dyke and St. John
13. Out in Prague with my "brothers"
15. Going away drinks with soccer mates at the Rock
16. Surprise Birthday @ Slide
17. Having dinner at N9NE Steakhouse picked up for the entire bachelorette party
18. First Darden party at Dixon's house (the beginning of Camp Darden)
19. Darden Camping Trip
20. Section D
21. Surviving Q1
22. 100 Case Party
23. Tied for first place in Darden Cup: Soccer
24. Kym's Wedding in SF
25. LT7
26. NYE 2K9 in Vail


Anonymous said...

From whatever I have read about it, I found 100-case party to be quite low in ur rankings :-)

JulyDream said...

Ha. 100 Case Party was a great time. However, my rankings are likely more in order based on time-line instead of how great each was. ;)