Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Crunch Time

Interviews are on the horizon and I'm trying my best not to stress out, though, I'm feeling the crunch. My first interview is this Monday and I am not even close to prepared. Tomorrow, I have a mock interview with a career development rep and I've barely practiced my 2-minute story. I wonder where the last 2 weeks of break went and kick myself for being so apathetic. I needed the break and though I know that, it's hard not to be frustrated. Of course, what's done is done.

Yesterday and today were spent sitting in a classroom for Training the Street, which essentially is a crash course on valuation. It's been helpful and I can only anticipate that it'll help me answer technical questions during interviews.

Bid points for interviews were also submitted today. The closed lists are small and thus each company allots a small number of interview slots for bidders. This is you choosing a company instead of a company choosing you. We'll know after 1p which interviews we "won" and what the schedule will be for this coming week. Deciding how many points to bid had me flustered last night. I was lucky enough to be invited to a few interviews I wanted, but there's a sense of realism that hit as I stared at the recruiting history of the companies for which I was bidding. There are not an infinite number of offers out there and I fear that I will need to look somewhere else for an internship.

On a more positive note, the trip to Colorado was incredible. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect NYE with a great group of people. And it seems after 3 years off the slopes, I can still hold my own.


Lauren said...

Aww!! I feel your pain girly. Look for me on gtalk if you need a late night work buddy!!! I'll be up!!! Good luck!

Anand said...

Make the best of the time you have left. Focus on what you need to do. I am sure you'll do well. Good Luck!